You just never know unless you ask, right?

There is no shame in not knowing. Curiosity is one of the best attributes to have.

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you do.  It may not be a quick search and it can get a little confusing with the wealth of information out there. We do need to exercise discernment and look at multiple resources to help avoid or at least minimize misinformation. Armed with knowledge we can make informed decisions. This doesn’t mean we are never wrong. Learning is never ending – that’s how we grow.

When it comes to another life, there’s no joking around.  Having a dog is a lifetime commitment and before taking on a responsibility that can stretch over twenty years, take some time and ask all your questions.  Ask our ego to step aside and be honest. Just because we love dogs doesn’t mean we must have one.  Sometimes we are just not ready to give a forever home.  If that’s your case, why not volunteer for a rescue and rehoming centre? You can walk a dog. You can help in the office. You can help spread awareness. The more we learn, the better keepers we make and one day, your perfect companion will appear.

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Here are some websites you may want to start with or just take a look:

Bull dog painting @

E-Pet Portraits  beautiful acrylic portraits of your pet. Whimsical. A great way to celebrate or remember your pet dog, cat, parrot, ferret…

Animal Welfare and Education

ACRES – Animal Concerns Research and Education Society
Action for Singapore Dogs
Hong Kong Dog Rescue

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary
Puppy Mill Awareness Day
Saddest Dolphins – ACRES’ campaign against Resorts World, Sentosa using wild dolphins captured from the Solomon Islands to be used for entertainment and profit
Save Japan Dolphins
SPCA Singapore
Victoria Stilwell – for positive training
WolfConnection.Org – “An ancient bond for modern times” – A youth education and empowerment program for wolves and wolfdogs

Animal Care

Animal Recovery Centre
Buddha Dog Animal Massage
Get Buddha Dog’s free PDF Booklet- Massaging Your Animal
Jupiter Circles – Jin Shin Jyustu for Animals, Singapore
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Tellington Touch
Through A Dog’s Ear

Guide Dog Friendly Decal for Singapore Businesses

Is your Singapore business Guide-Dog Friendly? Join in and get a decal for display, from the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind