Squeak Squeak Goes the Shrew

Shrews live in my park.

These are little rodents that squeak whenever there is danger. I hear the squeaks a lot on my night walks.

But sometimes the squeaks head my way. These are not perhaps the smartest or nature’s selected fittest. They actually run towards me and my two large dogs, which makes at least two sources of predator.

Sure they live within the relative safety of the park’s confines. But there are lots of stray and non-stray cats that hang out in that park. It is actually a feeding spot, where aunties come around before the sun dawns to place lumps of dry (and sometimes, wet) food. (It’s somewhat of a nightmare to walk my glutton dogs with so much leftover foods, including the mushy after-rain piles)

Last night, I was out a little later than usual.

My two dogs decided to go to separate sides of the walkway. Not an uncommon thing.

I watch Creamy to make sure she doesn’t decide to roll in the puddles. At almost midnight. It’s happened before. Many times.

This is when I realize it’s rather quiet on the other leash. As I look over, my curious Blackspot, ears perked up, is sniffing a little shrew right under her.

Then squeak, squeak, and off the shrew ran. At least it was away from me!

My dog could easily have put an end to that tiny animal. I’m frankly surprised it didn’t spark any prey drive. They chase after cats, or try to. Except the ginger one down the street. They have an understanding – they stare each other down.

My theory is that the reason they chop down the beautiful flowering shrubbery that lines the edge of the park because of the shrews. It seems like the trimmers come when the shrew population gets big. There are several bins along the walk but people still just toss out their garbage, including chicken bones and other unsafe items for dogs.

Public Service Announcement – please throw your leftovers and other garbage in the bins.


Why I Love Thee, my Good Friends…

Why we love our dogsIf you love dogs and specifically your dog(s), I’m sure you can go on and on about them, like me.

So here’s your chance… why do you love your dogs?

I’ll start – I have two dogs and it’s amazing how different they are. It’s a good thing in many ways. They act as foils to each other’s character, bringing out behaviours I may not get to witness otherwise.

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Do Goldies Prefer Other Goldies?

Golden Retriever- Singapore Dogs


I have a question about Golden Retrievers.

I don’t have an answer, though I have some anecdotal evidence.

Since we adopted Creamy about three years ago, I’ve wondered if she recognizes other Goldies and if she gets along with them more easily….

Have you had this experience or thoughts yourself?

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New Friend

Labrador Park seaside promendade.

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Our new friend asked where is a good place to take her dog…hmmm I had to think about that one. We have a few dog parks but without a car, it’s a pain to get to with a large dog and hers is large, no matter how gentle. There are a few fields and pitches around but it’s not always empty and you really have to go early.


Tonight we met a new friend, newly arrived from Texas. A beautiful young labradoodle. So gentel and so easy going. He just let Creamy bark and bark as she does, until she just stood next to him, quiet. It teaks time but she does eventually stop.

Teaching a dog not to bark is one of the hardest things to do. It’s not that she’s bored, well she could be a little. She just likes to make noise. Looking at her now, curled up on my favourite chair, arms sprawled over the cushions, deep in sleep, it’s hard to imagine that this is the perhaps the barkiest dog I’ve ever had.

But back to where to take a dog…
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Cover of "Up (Single Disc Widescreen)"

Cover of Up (Single Disc Widescreen)

Everyday walking with Creamy and Blackspot is an adventure. Today the four of us walked to the nearby plant nursery to buy an orchid for the apartment. On the way, Creamy spotted a few squirrels. She pulled as close as possible to the fence and stopped. Alert. Completely focused. Her obsession with squirrels reminded me of Dug.

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Free the Sentosa 25

An adult female bottlenose dolphin with her yo...

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On Tuesday October 4, 2011, I went to hear Ric O’Barry speak. ACRES was hosting this open dialogue event with the dolphin-trainer-turned-activist. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to see the overwhelming turn-out, the support everyone gave to the cause, and the standing ovation at the end of the night.

It gave us a chance to understand more about the issues at hand and the latest updates on ACRES’ campaign to free the remaining 25 wild-caught dolphins purchased by Resorts World Sentosa for their marine life park.

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Rhipicephalus sanguineus

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Ticks is a problem in Singapore, year round. Luckily we don’t have too many types here, the one we have to worry about being the brown dog tick. In the three years we lived here the first time round, we never once had any problems with ticks with Blackspot. Now that we have a Goldie (longer hair), especially one who likes to walk in tall grass and dig her nose in just about anything, we have had a two encounters with them already. Both times we found the tick fairly quickly, still small and not yet swollen. Continue reading