Dogs & Halloween

Halloween is still a novelty in Singapore.

Its biggest draw is still for adults to dress up and party.

Trick or Treating is still spotty around town. My street, with only a few kids, is quite quiet this time of the year.

Whether it will get busy with throngs of kids, as it did at my old place, it is good to be mindful of what Halloween can mean for our pets.

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When Not to Get a Dog?

I love dogs and I think everyone can benefit from having a dog in their family. Especially kids.

But the reality is a dog isn’t for everyone (aside from allergies and just a dislike of dogs and animals).

I think over the years, even mass media has shared the many benefits of having a dog.

Lower blood pressure. Better immune system. More calm + less stress. Just overall well-being.

If you are depressed or prone to it, having a dog is great!

So why would I advocate not getting a dog? Or at least the times when not to?

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Dog Rides Videos

Dog & Car Rides

Have you seen those beautiful photos of dogs in car rides? The ones they look so blissful?

Last night, I stumbled onto a blog post called Master Class: How to Shoot Your Dog in a Car. Director Keith Hopkin uses the GoPro cameras to capture his Dogs in Cars videos. You’d think it’d get old watching videos of dog, after dog, sitting in the passenger seat. But paired with emotive music, a variety of dogs, hair and jowls slow-mo in the wind, these videos are pretty fantastic.  With over 1million plays, I’d say a lot of people agree.

Allowing dogs hang out of the car window is probably not the safest thing to do but the dogs seem so happy, sniffing the air, yawning in the sun. I know my dogs love car rides so I can appreciate the videos.

If nothing else, the dog community across the globe is strong. We love our dogs. There’s no doubt about it. And this way of capturing memories of our dogs in some of their most care-free moments is priceless.


Why do Dogs Roll on their Backs?

Why Do Dogs Roll on Their Backs? Singapore DogsI get asked “why do dogs do that? Roll on their backs?” a lot!

I guess my dogs do it…a lot.

Since I’m trying to build a positive image of the Dog, I didn’t have the heart to tell these innocent people that my dog is rolling on something nasty!

To be honest, my dogs don’t always scent-roll. In fact there are many reasons why dogs roll on their backs.

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Calming Signals for Dogs

Dogs - Dogs in SingaporeI’m constantly amazed at how dogs communicate and how they can pick up on the most subtle of signals from us. Sometimes we’re not even aware we are sending these messages! (Of course I also have dogs who choose to respond, and when not to)

But it makes sense. It makes sense to have good communications skills, living in a pack. And to have peace living with so many. This strengthens, rather than diminishes, the pack.

Dogs use something called calming signals. We know of about 30. These are behaviours that speak the “language of peace” and dogs use these signals upon meeting, before meeting… they can do this a couple of hundred meters away from each other!

So if your dog doesn’t want to meet the other dog, listen to him. They’ve already “met”. And decided distance was better.

What are these calming signals?

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Will this Gadget Make Brushing Teeth Easier?

Thanks to Pinterest I may now have a new obsession. Yes Pinterest. But look what I found pinned?

QRing by YankoDesign - Singapore Dogs

QRing photo from website

With a name that sounds rather, ahem, x-rated, the Q-Ring is both a toy and a tool. Fun and Utilitarian. The best kind of gadget!

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Frisbee Dog

Border Collie (Wiki) - Singapore Dogs

When you think of a frisbee dog, what pictures do you get in your mind’s eye?

Probably a Border Collie. Or an Australian Shepherd?

Interestingly enough, the Frisbee Dog World Championship (AWI), which started in 1975, wasn’t won by a Border Collie, until 1984, with Whirlin’ Wizard. Until 2011, 9 champions had been Border Collies, followed closed by Australian Shepherd (6). But the most common breed to win (12 championships) is a mixed breed. There are a ton of stories of mixed breed finding their groove after being rescued from shelters etc.

But when you think frisbee dog, you think long legged exuberant dogs like Border Collies…not a little sausage Dachshund, right?

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