Food Guarding?

Dog Food - Singapore Dogs


Does your dog guard his food?

According to Sally Andersen of Hong Kong Dog Rescue, this is very common, especially because many pet shops that sell dogs advise owners to feed very  little, to keep the dogs small.

I’d be cranky and guard my food if I’m only getting a % of what my body needs too!

Obviously it’s more complicated than that…but food guarding is a serious issue.

So what can you do?

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Do Goldies Prefer Other Goldies?

Golden Retriever- Singapore Dogs


I have a question about Golden Retrievers.

I don’t have an answer, though I have some anecdotal evidence.

Since we adopted Creamy about three years ago, I’ve wondered if she recognizes other Goldies and if she gets along with them more easily….

Have you had this experience or thoughts yourself?

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Is Your Senior Dog Losing Her Hearing?

Is your senior dog losing his hearing?


My dogs are now 9 and 10. It crossed my mind that Goldie may be losing her hearing.

I snapped my fingers near her ears. No response.

I called her to me. No response.

I was starting to get worried. Was she really getting a little deaf? Then later that day, I opened a bag of treats in the pantry. Out of nowhere, she appeared, ears perked. Goldie only has selective hearing.

But the reality is, as we age, becoming partially or completely deaf is a possibility. Mind you, only a possibility. It’s not written in stone.

If it does happen, what to do?

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Adopt a Trained Dog?

Adopt K9 Retiree in SingaporeDid you know you can adopt a perfectly trained dog? Like a K9 unit retiree? Even in Singapore?

I didn’t know, until I met one, an ex-sniffer.

That’s when I found out they do put retired police dogs up for adoptions. I was wondering about that before.

In the US, these dogs often stay with their handlers because of the relationship they have built up. Unfortunately, because most people live in HDBs here, this isn’t possible. I think that ex-police dogs should be an exception. Don’t you? After all, they contributed to the safety of Singapore’s residents. They deserve a loving and comfortable home to enjoy life, after all those years of dedicated work. Like the poster says, “so they can retire with pride and dignity”.

The Home Team News ran a story back in February 2012 about the adoption drive for 10 retired dogs – 7 Shepherds, 2 Labs, and a Springer Spaniel. From speaking with the adopters I met, the Springer Spaniel is the only one not obedience-trained, because he was a sniffer dog. They’ve certainly done a good job, considering the Springer was apparently completely out of control, having never lived in a home and still likes to sniff EVERYTHING. He was a real sweetheart, very friendly. He is nearly ten and is springy (haha couldn’t resist) and I’m THRILLED he found a loving home. Every dog deserves one.

I’m not sure if the other dogs are still available for adoption.

When Chips the spaniel was adopted, others were still waiting for a home. Most of them are between 6 – 8 years old, according to the Home Team News story. Shepherds and labs can live to 13 – 15 years so 8 is a good age. They tend to be more settled and mellow. The best part? They are already trained. I obviously haven’t met these dogs so I don’t know their level of obedience. But I do know that police dogs cannot be aggressive, especially towards people and they are highly trained and highly intelligent.

I myself adopted a 7 year old Goldie and the experience has been amazing! She was already toilet trained and had some basic commands. She is sweet and loves people. She transitioned very easily and it’s a joy to have her with us. Adopting an older dog sure has its advantages!

As with any adoption, patience and understanding is a must, even with a trained dog. K9 unit dogs usually live in kennels and they will need to adjust to living in a home, learning your rules of the house, etc. But dogs are so adaptable that with some time, before you know it, your new dog will have become part of the family.

For more information you can contact the K9 unit at 6314 6035.

Having 2 Dogs is Way More Fun than Having 1! Here’s Why.

Bull dog and Chihuahua


What’s better than one dog, you ask?

Having 2 dogs!

No, seriously.

It is so much fun watching my two dogs interact. They only met each about four years ago so they are relatively new friends, both middle-aged ladies quite set in their ways. Luckily they have different motivations. One by food. Other by attention. One by cat food. Other by cats. In many ways, they are opposites – a thinker and a show-er, an introvert and an extrovert. One, you can literally see her think.The other, you wonder how she can wiggle crazy like that.

They don’t play with each other. One’s a person’s dog and the other? Only other Goldies can understand her, I’m afraid and maybe only other Goldies can stand her as well. Goldies seem to have their own way of play, their crazy way to express their inner and outer child. It’s very cute.

Occasionally, they would kinda play. They both love rolling in the grass, under a hot sun. They get really into it. So much so that they forget they don’t actually play with each other and the Goldie (usually) will run and slam head first into the grass, doing a wild roll right into the other one. Sometimes even rolling over her. Then she remembers they don’t play.

They don’t play together but they do funny things to each other.

Just the other day, and you can totally see this playing out, as if you can see the thought bubbles above Blackspot. Now I have to admit Goldie has an annoying habit of thinking she’s the centre of the attention. It’s annoying when you are caught in the middle of leashes pointing north and south. Goldie kinda just goes wherever she wants to, at jerkingly high speeds. She’ll often just ram ahead, pushing Blackspot out of her way.

So the other day, Blackspot was walking calmly, as she does, on the edge of the sidewalk. Goldie was behind and you could tell Blackspot was aware of her from her sideway and backward glances. This is where the explosion of thought bubbles could be felt. Just as Goldie was moving alongside Blackspot, Blackspot literally bumped her off the sidewalk. I’m not sure what’s funnier, that it was so obvious, her planning, or the fact that she just did it, or that Goldie never even skipped a beat and kept on bouncing along in the grass.

This is why having two dogs is better than one. You can really see more of your dog’s personality when she interacts with other dogs (and people). Beside you can have all sorts of philosophical discussions and ramblings with yourself, or on your blog. All good.

Guilt-Free Pet Shop Feb 18 & 19 2012

Slated as the “largest ever dog-adoption drive in Singapore”, National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop is being held THIS weekend (Feb 18 & 19 2012), in partnership with four local dog shelters.  Over 80 dogs will be available for adoption from Action for Singapore Dogs, Animal Lovers League, Gentle Paws, and Noah’s Ark. To see who these featured dogs are, check out the FB page. (If you find “the one”, be sure to come down early and spend loads of time to get to know your potential new friend. Sometimes dogs need time to warm up, especially since not all dogs are used to being at such events!)

Previously called the Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop, this East Coast Park event is free for everyone to enjoy (with or without furry friends).  Adoptions are NOT free. Each rescue organization has its own policy and adoption fees are about $200.  Why are adoptions not free? Check out this post on why adoption fees are important and necessary.

So how else is this a FREE event?

  • Free consult at the Dog Whisperer Booth (no it’s not the actual Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan – he’s supposed to come to Singapore in June). 
  • Free dog massage
  • Free ear cleaning and nail clipping
  • Free baked dog treats
  • Free talks and demos

Best of all, it’s guilt-free! By adopting a puppy or an older dog, you are giving a home to an animal but not directly contributing to the puppy mill industry. I say not directly since most of these dogs probably are descended from a puppy mill dog. By adopting, you are saying that everyone deserves a second chance and that it’s the dog who matters, not the breed. You are joining in and spreading the awareness of better dog “ownership” and that abandonment is just not on! If that’s too much pressure, just come down for some good old fun with your furry friend and family.

Nat Geo Channel Free Pet Shop