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An expat living in Singapore with her two dogs; animal welfare advocate; blogger


It’s all about dogs, and my experiences with them as an “owner” and as a welfare advocate.  90% of the website is about dogs but I also blog about other animals and animal welfare in general


I grew up with dogs but didn’t realize what it meant to have one until Blackspot. When I relocated to Asia, there was no doubt that she would come along.

Having volunteered at the Hong Kong Dog Rescue and contributed to publications for a Singapore rescue group, I came to realize there is a huge knowledge gap here in Asia about dogs, dog ownership, and dog/animal welfare.

Not that I am an expert but because of the wealth of experience I gained from adopting rescue dogs and volunteering with longtime animal advocates, I just want to share our experiences and information. The hope is to correct some misconceptions about dogs. And join in with the growing dog-loving culture in Singapore, and Asia, to help raise awareness about dogs and animals in general.

about this website

I am not a vet. I am not a trainer. I am not a canine behavioural specialist. Pet shop owner. Nor breeder. And definitely not affiliated.

I don’t pretend to know everything about dogs either. Just here to share my stories, thoughts, and experiences. And the everyday frolick of my dogs and me.

I am a holistic health practitioner and use an energy healing modality called Jin Shin Jyutsu. I also incorporate flower essences and essential oils. The key is to support our animals holistically.

living in singapore – this is where I talk about all the angles I’ve faced from relocating and living here. It’s stories about living in Singapore with my dogs, encounters with other dogs and their owners, local animal welfare issues, local culture…basically anything about dogs and Singapore.

my dogs is all about the dogs I’ve had over the years and their stories.

misconceptions – this is where we discuss common myths, misunderstandings, and misinformation about dogs.

dog stuff  – just some interesting and fun stuff about dogs.

animal welfare  – thoughts and ruminations about the welfare of dogs in Singapore, animals in general, and a look at what’s going on. Also posts on animal care, including alternative therapies.

info  – check out this section for resources and links to some helpful websites.