…and Cat Makes Three

Yep, this is a blog about dogs in Singapore but I wanted to share with you our newest addition. Should have called her Out of the Blue, because that’s exactly how she came to be with us. Out of the blue, the night before the April full moon, on an ordinary walk in the evening, the most extraordinary thing happened. We, okay, I, heard a meow. From the side of the gutter, on the slope by the sidewalk, off one of the more busy streets in Singapore. She was so tiny, and grey, I did a double-take to make sure it was a kitten, not a rat. Because that meow wasn’t quite a meow. Cat was just, maybe barely, one month old.

And so it is, we became a more multi-species household. The dogs now had a feline sibling, a plaything, an alien. This squeaky, fluffy, tiny little thing that smelled different, looked different, sounded different, and got to eat on the table, and so constantly. Compared to the dogs’ two meals a day routine, her seven meals probably seemed like heaven to them. Cat was on a mix of powdered milk, raw beef, ghee, and a few crunchies before she moved onto a purely raw diet that my friend made. She poo-poo’d my recipe, granted I am not the best chef.

She has sprouted exponentially and inconsistently. She has now lost her kitten fluffiness, but still has the look of a kitten. Curious. Mischievous. She is no longer that awkward staggering kitten but a sleek super-jumper.

Cat is not my first Cat but I have forgotten how cats get in everywhere. Dogs, even mine, have some boundaries. They sit on the floor, and they say on the floor, and maybe the couch and bed but cats, cats get on counters, when you are cooking, cats get on the table, when you are eating, cats get on the sink, when you are peeing, cats get on the bathtub, when you are (trying) to relax. I even cradled her in the bath once, and she promptly fell asleep.

And so it goes, life with a cat, and two dogs. A new phase.


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