Pet-Friendly Staycations in Singapore

Singapore is getting more and more dog-friendly but it is still a small country. One city, in fact so options for traveling with your dog is quite limited and hikes are less than fun in this heat and humidity. The oceans could be cleaner, but given the high traffic of the container and cruise ships this will unlikely to change.

Luckily, there are a few hotels that allow dogs. Both Great World and Frasier Suites allow pets. Great World charges $10/pet/day (before GST) and if you are staying a month at Frasier Suites, the pet levy is $200. Capella surprisingly is also pet friendly (cats and dogs) and with its beach access, fantastic spa treatments, and gorgeous and quiet grounds, this hotel resort makes a great choice for human and animal.

We spent a few days at the Capella recently. Having room service and taking time out from the busy Singapore daily life was perfect for everyone. We were the only ones there and enjoyed walking throughout the grounds, encountering peacocks almost everywhere, even a family with three little ones. There are a few dogs living at The Club, apartments, duplexes, and mansions that are part of Capella. These lucky dogs have daily access to Palawan Beach which is empty in the early morning hours, perfect for easy-breezy long walks and a dip in the water.

Not everyone is comfortable with animals at Capella and that’s why you get a door hanger that lets the staff know there is a pet inside. It’s pretty easy to keep the Animal House in the bathroom or on the balcony when room service comes around. There aren’t too many trash cans but you figure out where they are and include them on the walking route.

Housekeeping will also come by with dog beds, bowls, and poop bags.

Sometimes all I want to do and need is to veg out and enjoy room service!


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