Dogs & Halloween

Halloween is still a novelty in Singapore.

Its biggest draw is still for adults to dress up and party.

Trick or Treating is still spotty around town. My street, with only a few kids, is quite quiet this time of the year.

Whether it will get busy with throngs of kids, as it did at my old place, it is good to be mindful of what Halloween can mean for our pets.

① Treats

I have to admit – I buy myself chocolates at Halloween as a treat for myself. Whether or not I am expecting little people is besides the point.

Lots of food like chocolate are harmful and even lethal to dogs. Things like onions are probably not an issue in this case but xylitol in lots of sugar-free candies and alcohol in adult parties are. Watch out for those avocado dips and raw Macadamia nut treats.

And honestly, mouldy food is just bad for everyone!

Most dogs love to eat and are pretty quick on the draw. Be sure to keep all suspect foods high above their reach or just take a pass if you know you are going to be too busy entertaining or having fun yourself to keep a stern eye on the food and your dog. And your visitors who may buckle under those cute puppy eyes.

 ② Tricks

Dogs have awesome hearing so remember screaming, firecrackers, etc are THAT much louder for your dogs!

If your dog is on the skittish side, consider flower essences like Bach Rescue Remedy. Just a few drops in the water for a few days leading up to Halloween and a few drops directly in their mouth a few hours before expectant visitors. Try the pet formulation for the alcohol-free version and non-glass dropper. Be sure not to contaminate the dropper. See if your dog will lick the drops off from your palm.

③ Pumpkins, Candles, and Other Spooky Decorations

Love those lit pumpkins and spiderwebs!

But probably not your dog. Got long-hair doggies? Long hair + open flame = not a good combo.

Dogs can also get caught in the spiderwebs and other ghouly decorations which can cause panic. With an open door for trick n treaters? That is a recipe for trouble.

④ Inside Only

My dogs love the great outdoors. But not on Halloween.

Costumes give people anonymity. This can give some meanies the chance to tease and even harm your animals. There is no security in a backyard. When spooked, animals will escape or if unable to, can injure themselves. Not good either way.

In Singapore, with the heat and humidity and the snakes, depending on where you are, I would advise not leaving dogs outside unsupervised anyway.

Speaking of costumes – just don’t. Don’t do it, unless your dog is game. I tried a NFL costume on Blackspot once. Once only. She just sat there, sullen and sulking. It was a clear no. Or maybe she isn’t a Seahawks fan (God forbid!)

Happy Halloween!


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