New Dogs on the Block

It has been a while since my last post. Almost 6 months. WOW!

Everyday something would happen and I’d say to myself that I need to blog about it but somehow time just keeps slipping away.

In this time, new dogs have moved into the neighbourhood. Two Golden Retriever puppies. In fact, their owners talked to me before their new wards arrived. One told me they were getting a second dog, and importing from Australia I believe. The other owner actually asked me where I got Goldie. I think he was happy that she was still so healthy at 11 but not so impressed that she was adopted. But before long, a fluffy rambunctious blonde puppy came bounding up to their gate to greet us on our walks. Of course he had to be quarantined until all the shots were done.

My neighbours across the street sadly moved away. They both had a dog but one sadly died from a heatstroke. The other one simply couldn’t be taken with him and last I heard, the dog was happily living on a fish farm somewhere in the lush jungle outposts in Singapore. People are always surprised Singapore is not all concrete and glass.

The papillon down the street also moved away.

Yes, there has been a lot of movement just on my one street.

Soon, our friend Darcy the beagle will be saying goodbye to Singapore and hello to Shanghai.

New friends and old friends. Happily there are more dog-loving kids with dog-loving moms. Instead of pulling them away, the moms are teaching their kids to ask for permission to touch the dog. It’s always a good idea to ask. Just because a dog looks friendly doesn’t mean she/he likes kids and just because a dog may look “aggressive” (whatever that means), he/she could be the most patient and gentle creature. You just never know! Goldie for example is so cute (people LOVE Golden Retrievers) but she’s terrible with kids! She is friendly but when she gets excited or wants attention, she rolls on her back, kicking. It’s tough for young kids who aren’t so coordinated yet to anticipate her happy kicks.

Oh yeah, my brother adopted a dog too! Good luck!


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