Angkor Paws Animal Rescue

Angkor Wat Animal RescueIt’s Christmas time and 2013 is rolling in. Many people set resolutions this time of the year. Is helping animals one of yours?

What about an animal rescue in Angkor Wat?

What about Angkor Paws Animal Rescue (APAR)?

I was switched onto this rescue by a reader who wrote in to let me know about this group. Other than what she wrote and what I found on the internet, I don’t know much. Their FB page is very active and they seem to be doing a lot. They could use some help, though.

Who are they? APAR was started early this year by Katie Beattie, a vet nurse, and Josette, a French national with local and international NGO experience. They are currently offering FREE vet care and treatment to neglected and abandoned dogs and cats in Siem Reap and outer districts.

And there are lots. Lots of animals needing help.

They also want to put in a vaccination program to reduce rabies, training for local vets, spay and neutering to reduce the stray population, housing/food& support for abandoned animals…it’s a lot of work and they could use some help. Because everything Katie is doing is on a volunteer basis.

What can we do?

We can donate flea and tick collars, heartworm medications, worming tablets, bandaging materials, and suturing materials.

If you are travelling to Siem Reap anytime please remember APAR and bring along as much as you can for them.

By the way, the reader Agnes is travelling there soon. If you want to donate, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her. She’ll be travelling mid January.

And if anyone is travelling there and visits them, maybe you can blog about it for Dogs in Singapore?

Check out their FB page and see all the places they have been visiting and the dogs they have been helping. And kids too.


One thought on “Angkor Paws Animal Rescue

  1. Hi, thank you for helping to create awareness for APAR!!
    As I’ve taken it upon myself to care for 4 underprivileged children in Siem Reap, I’ll be travelling there 3 times a year, and would appreciate any donation for APAR 🙂
    Will definitely follow-up with pictures as proof that donations reach APAR’s hands..

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