Why I Love Thee, my Good Friends…

Why we love our dogsIf you love dogs and specifically your dog(s), I’m sure you can go on and on about them, like me.

So here’s your chance… why do you love your dogs?

I’ll start – I have two dogs and it’s amazing how different they are. It’s a good thing in many ways. They act as foils to each other’s character, bringing out behaviours I may not get to witness otherwise.

Blackspot, why I love thee…
Blackspot is my baby. We adopted her when she was a teenager, full of beans and quirks. She is uber smart and can outthink many people I reckon, especially if it’s to get food.

» Blackspot is a cool customer – very independent and will not suffer fools. She did let us dress her in a football Halloween costume one year (note – 1 year)
» Blackspot has a good sense of humour and has tried to bury her bone under normal places like the ground and the sofa cushion, but also more interesting places like under my husband’s shirt, while he was wearing it.
» People think she looks like a boy but she is a creature of comfort and very dainty. A little more concerned about cleanliness than the furry one aka Creamy. Blackspot is a lady.
» Blackspot has beautiful eyes, and looks like she’s wearing mascara.
» Blackspot knows who she is. The world is her oyster, including your bag if you have any morsel of food. It doesn’t matter if you have never met her before, while sitting at a bus stop or a close dear friend. All the same to her.
» Blackspot knows what she likes. A scratch? She’ll stick her butt in your direction.
» Blackspot has this huge black spot that’s a magnet for pats. People love that spot, especially kids who gravitate to her.
» Blackspot is very laid back and is happy to lie in bed all day with me for movie day.

Creamy, why I love thee…
Creamy is going on 11 and acts like she’s a puppy. She is the most affectionate dog in the world!

» A lover of toys, Creamy always has a ball or some other toy in her mouth. She may be a toy hog and likes to collect as many as she can in her mouth or on her bed.
» Not one to work all day, she also likes to remind me there is life (and fun) away from the computer. She lets me know it’s time for a break by bringing me a ball.
» Creamy found her favourite tennis ball somewhere in a shrub and continues to sniff out tennis balls (or barks at dogs with their own balls)
» She must know she’s cute. Creamy will always roll onto her back to get more pets.
» Creamy has these big Goldie eyes and a special pink nose that always elicit the biggest smile and love from me
» Creamy has the softest fur, which does collect in invisible clumps in the corners that show up unexpectedly like hellos from her.

The lists could go on and go. They are both curious little puppies. Blackspot likes to sit and watch animals like horses go by in the street. And Creamy squirrels. She once sat at an intersection staring at the pole while the chirp chirping of the pedestrian light sounded for the visually-impared. It was very cute.
» Creamy generates a lot of heat and makes a nice cuddle buddy on cold nights. The good thing? She lets you hold her like a big teddy bear.
» Her internal clock is a thing of beauty and amazement. She knows when 5pm (dinnertime) is and will send me regularly reminders from 4:30, every few minutes, starting with gentle nudges and like an alarm clock, will give increasingly pushier pushes.


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