Dog Rides Videos

Dog & Car Rides

Have you seen those beautiful photos of dogs in car rides? The ones they look so blissful?

Last night, I stumbled onto a blog post called Master Class: How to Shoot Your Dog in a Car. Director Keith Hopkin uses the GoPro cameras to capture his Dogs in Cars videos. You’d think it’d get old watching videos of dog, after dog, sitting in the passenger seat. But paired with emotive music, a variety of dogs, hair and jowls slow-mo in the wind, these videos are pretty fantastic.  With over 1million plays, I’d say a lot of people agree.

Allowing dogs hang out of the car window is probably not the safest thing to do but the dogs seem so happy, sniffing the air, yawning in the sun. I know my dogs love car rides so I can appreciate the videos.

If nothing else, the dog community across the globe is strong. We love our dogs. There’s no doubt about it. And this way of capturing memories of our dogs in some of their most care-free moments is priceless.



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