Vets without Borders

Vets without Borders logoI had once wanted to be a doctor. I was inspired by a National Geographic documentary on Doctors without Borders. So when I stumbled upon Vets without Borders, I was thrilled. And Inspired, at least to find out more about what they are doing worldwide. And to write a post about it.

Being Canadian myself, I wasn’t surprised the website I found was the Canadian one. (There is also a US-based Vets without Borders) Somehow, living overseas now I seem to always connect back home through really awesome websites and amazing people doing tremendous work.

What do Vets without Borders (Canada) do?

Veterinarians without Borders is working to foster the health of animals, people and the environments that sustain us—improving goat production and empowering AIDS/HIV affected families in Uganda, managing free-roaming dogs in Chile and Guatemala and enhancing community awareness of animal health care in Laos. Our work promotes long term sustainability and community independence and works toward a global solution to better health and livelihoods for the world’s poorest people.

Vets without Borders has two domain names & that both re-direct to the same website. They are also building a French one (as we are a bilingual country!). Please visit to read their story and to see what they are doing around the world, reaching Africa and Asia, where because of poverty and other reasons animals continue to suffer. Both pets and animals, in general. Get involved – help spread the word, donate, and if you are a vet, they do have career opportunities as well.

I have to say that I am really proud to be Canadian, a citizen of a country known for their peaceful and humanitarian efforts. I’m proud to be involved with, even marginally, raising awareness around animal welfare.


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