Will this Gadget Make Brushing Teeth Easier?

Thanks to Pinterest I may now have a new obsession. Yes Pinterest. But look what I found pinned?

QRing by YankoDesign - Singapore Dogs

QRing photo from YankoDesign.com website

With a name that sounds rather, ahem, x-rated, the Q-Ring is both a toy and a tool. Fun and Utilitarian. The best kind of gadget!

Because we all know how painful (sometimes literally) it can be to brush your dog’s teeth. Especially if they weren’t trained from a puppy. Do you use the long traditional toothbrush? Does your dog chew at it? Or just lick the toothpaste right off before you even manage to stick the brush inside? Or do you use the little bristled finger puppet?

I’ve now resorted to a liquid form of plaque removal from Biotene. Incidentally my dogs hate it in their drinking water (it’s a drinking water addictive) and the vet suggested just letting them lap it straight out of my palm. I keep it in the fridge and they love the cooling liquid.

But here now, the Brush N’ Play could be something new to try. Creamy especially loves play toys. She’s a toy hog. Blackspot used to love to tug and still does from time to time. But I think she’s tired of Creamy always eyeing the toys in her mouth.

So what is the Q-Ring?

From http://www.yankodesign.com, “The Q-Ring is like any other pull/chew toy but features a squishy bristled end that removes plaque, reduces gingivitis, and stimulates gums.” …..and get this, “simply twist the tactile, soft grip handle inside-out and it doubles as a frisbee!” They call this the “spaceship mode”.

Check it out over at YankoDesign

Other toys by designer Yufan Tan


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