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Border Collie (Wiki) - Singapore Dogs

When you think of a frisbee dog, what pictures do you get in your mind’s eye?

Probably a Border Collie. Or an Australian Shepherd?

Interestingly enough, the Frisbee Dog World Championship (AWI), which started in 1975, wasn’t won by a Border Collie, until 1984, with Whirlin’ Wizard. Until 2011, 9 champions had been Border Collies, followed closed by Australian Shepherd (6). But the most common breed to win (12 championships) is a mixed breed. There are a ton of stories of mixed breed finding their groove after being rescued from shelters etc.

But when you think frisbee dog, you think long legged exuberant dogs like Border Collies…not a little sausage Dachshund, right?

Maybe he wouldn’t win any world championships, or even neighbourhood contests….but this little Dachshund chases his frisbee with such gusto that I wanted to write about him. His four little legs actually are very speedy and when he is in chase, his whole world is the frisbee. While retrieving, other dogs could be sniffing him, cajoling him to play, WHATEVER, it’s just him and that red disc.

I see him in a park near my place all the time chasing his frisbee, with such intensity. Of course, the tennis ball chasing terrier (Airedale or Airedale X?) is equally obsessive…but a dachshund?

To be fair, a dachshund was bred to chase. In German, the breed literally means “badger dog”. Its little curved tail was bred for the purpose of spotting the dog in a burrow and pulling him out if he ever got stuck. They are known to be quite energetic and like chasing tennis balls and small animals, including children. But a frisbee is airborne.

Dachshund (123RF) - Singapore Dogs


I thought it was extremely sweet and it’s always nice to see owners indulging their dogs in what they love, want, and need to do.

Running a dog is a great way to disperse pent up energy that can lead to destruction around the house.

Of course mental games are also good, like hiding kongs with treats around the house. It doesn’t work so well in mine and maybe other multi-dog household.


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