Do Goldies Prefer Other Goldies?

Golden Retriever- Singapore Dogs


I have a question about Golden Retrievers.

I don’t have an answer, though I have some anecdotal evidence.

Since we adopted Creamy about three years ago, I’ve wondered if she recognizes other Goldies and if she gets along with them more easily….

Have you had this experience or thoughts yourself?

Creamy clearly had litters before she was desexed by the rescue organization that took her in. Because she is SO friendly and adapted so easily to living in a home, I doubt she was actually part of a puppy mill. Backyard breeder, maybe.

So it’s not like racing greyhounds who are used to only other greyhounds and need some adjustment and socialization with other breeds. So I’ve ruled out that potential reason for her seeming preference for other Goldies.

Don’t get me wrong – Creamy is typical of her breed. Friendly. (Barky, but friendly). She loves attention. She’ll happily roll around and wiggle on her back, especially when you start to pet her. Her eyes will melt anyone and she’s just constantly wagging her tail. And also looking to have something to carry around. She loves to meet everyone and every dog.

What I have noticed is that she behaves differently with other Golden Retrievers. And they seem to understand her as well. Even tolerant of her barking, mostly.

Before we moved, her best playmate was another Golden Retriever. He was younger but because he’s got hip dysplasia, they were a perfect match. They would go hog wild for a few minutes then they’d settle down to rest. Both because of their hips. Creamy just has some stiffness. Then they’d go again. It’s good so they don’t overdo it, which honestly we have to watch out for. When you read about this breed, they say Goldies have a tendency to hide and tolerate pain well.

I think if you didn’t know dogs, you’d think these two crazies were fighting because that’s how rough they play. But they are happy – chewing on each other’s ears, pinning each down, chasing each other, sitting on each other’s get the idea. Both are literally grinning, panting with sheer joy.

Maybe it’s their comparable size or similar level of energy and propensity to play that these two play so well. I don’t know.

The reason I think there is more to it is because Creamy will happily stand alongside other Goldies even if play were not involved. She rarely does this with other dogs, especially when it’s more than one. It almost looks like she’s saying, “yep, these are my peeps. We’re blonde and we’re here to stay.”

What do you think?


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