My Two Dogs, at Play

Playing Beagle Pup

Not Goldie (Stock 123RF)

Don’t you JUST love watching your dog(s) play?

I spent quite a bit of time lying on the floor with my dogs, scratching and petting them.

I’m sick and had to shorten their walks. So to “burn off” their excess energy, we’ve been roughhousing indoors. But sometimes I don’t have to do much. With Goldie you just need to look at her, and her tail goes wild. You just have to touch her, and she starts wriggling around. She’ll go 1/2 way across the living room, like a little automated mop. It’s funny all the little bits I find in her deep fur. She is very entertaining and she entertains herself as well.

Blackspot is less impressed with Goldie, I have to admit. That’s usually because when Goldie stretches out, a tail or a leg is usually either just hovering over Blackspot’s head or actually resting somewhere on her body. I don’t know if dogs are ticklish but the fine goldie hairs probably are on Blackspot’s sensitive skin.

It’s funny watching them, watching Blackspot watch Goldie. Both of us wondering what Goldie is up to and where she’s going to kick next. That, we both have learned to watch out for because she takes no prisoners when she starts her kicking and wriggling. Very cute still.


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