The Queen’s Corgis

Do you know what is one of the top 20 questions asked on The Official Website of the British Monarchy?

What are the names of the Queen’s corgis? 

Queen Elizabeth and her Corgis

From Dailymail.UK

I guess contrary to popular belief that she has a horde of them, the Queen only has 3 Corgis. And 3 Dorgis (Dachshund and Corgi mixes), though she’s had over 30 over the years.

The Corgis are called Monty, Holly, and Willow. The Dorgis are called Cider, Candy, and Vulcan. Cute, and interesting. It’s kinda neat that the Queen herself has mix-breeds.

Apparently, the Corgis are descendants of Susan, the Corgi who was a gift for the Queen’s 18th birthday. But Susan wasn’t the first Royal Corgi. That would be Dookie, bought by King George VI in 1933.

The Queen’s Corgis are the Pembroke Welsh breed.

Queen Elizabeth II and her three Corgis

photo from The Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (official website of the British Monarchy)

If you are interested, you can write to Her Majesty at the following address:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA


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