Having 2 Dogs is Way More Fun than Having 1! Here’s Why.

Bull dog and Chihuahua


What’s better than one dog, you ask?

Having 2 dogs!

No, seriously.

It is so much fun watching my two dogs interact. They only met each about four years ago so they are relatively new friends, both middle-aged ladies quite set in their ways. Luckily they have different motivations. One by food. Other by attention. One by cat food. Other by cats. In many ways, they are opposites – a thinker and a show-er, an introvert and an extrovert. One, you can literally see her think.The other, you wonder how she can wiggle crazy like that.

They don’t play with each other. One’s a person’s dog and the other? Only other Goldies can understand her, I’m afraid and maybe only other Goldies can stand her as well. Goldies seem to have their own way of play, their crazy way to express their inner and outer child. It’s very cute.

Occasionally, they would kinda play. They both love rolling in the grass, under a hot sun. They get really into it. So much so that they forget they don’t actually play with each other and the Goldie (usually) will run and slam head first into the grass, doing a wild roll right into the other one. Sometimes even rolling over her. Then she remembers they don’t play.

They don’t play together but they do funny things to each other.

Just the other day, and you can totally see this playing out, as if you can see the thought bubbles above Blackspot. Now I have to admit Goldie has an annoying habit of thinking she’s the centre of the attention. It’s annoying when you are caught in the middle of leashes pointing north and south. Goldie kinda just goes wherever she wants to, at jerkingly high speeds. She’ll often just ram ahead, pushing Blackspot out of her way.

So the other day, Blackspot was walking calmly, as she does, on the edge of the sidewalk. Goldie was behind and you could tell Blackspot was aware of her from her sideway and backward glances. This is where the explosion of thought bubbles could be felt. Just as Goldie was moving alongside Blackspot, Blackspot literally bumped her off the sidewalk. I’m not sure what’s funnier, that it was so obvious, her planning, or the fact that she just did it, or that Goldie never even skipped a beat and kept on bouncing along in the grass.

This is why having two dogs is better than one. You can really see more of your dog’s personality when she interacts with other dogs (and people). Beside you can have all sorts of philosophical discussions and ramblings with yourself, or on your blog. All good.


2 thoughts on “Having 2 Dogs is Way More Fun than Having 1! Here’s Why.

  1. Hi, stumbled upon your blog when I did a search on NGC dog adoption drive that happened in Feb 2012. Just want to say I enjoy reading your post on having two dogs. So nice to ‘watch’ two dogs interact through your attentive observations. Thanx for sharing and will be coming by this area more often now when I want to ‘watch’ more of dogs in action…. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! Please do come by and hope you find more interesting content. I LOVE having two dogs. Quite amusing and relaxing. 🙂

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