Dogs Abroad

There’s no doubt about it.

Singapore is definitely way more dog-friendly than before.

Dog-friendly places are popping up all the time. People don’t seem to scatter as much, or as quickly, when I walk my dogs. The dog community is ever growing. It’s great!

Dogs Abroad (UK)But people in Singapore may be surprised to find what really living with dogs means in other countries. Travelling on the trains in Europe. Dining with their owner in a cafe in Paris. Shopping in a mall in San Francisco.

I was recently in the UK and was reminded what it was like to be truly free to take your dog everywhere. To the market. Running errands. A stroll, for no reason at all.  No one is running away and no one is gawking or taking photos (except me, discretely, for this blog!) Dogs are simply just part of life.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole – Roger Caras

I remember when I used to take Whitey or Chich in the car, whenever I had to pick up someone or pick up something at London Drugs or run a quick errand like dropping off library books. My dogs went everywhere with me, to my friends’, to the beach, on long and short drives, on runs or day trips. Imagine a Maltese dashing through the forest trails or a Silky Terrier in a canoe, and you will picture how it was. When we visited New York, my sister even came to stay overnight with her dog. He was the star. Pampered. Having him in the hotel seemed to make the staff happy. New York is another dog-loving city.


2 thoughts on “Dogs Abroad

  1. ya, i know what it means to truly be free to just HANG OUT with your dog going everywhere or anywhere one wishes. Dogs are of the greatest companion. I love the fact that they dont talk so much (in fact, quieter than most human companion). They just BE there wherever we take them and THEY ARE ALWAYS HAPPY and eager that we are having them along.

    I go to the market with her (ssshhh….), eating breakfast at hawker center (but of course with her sitting outside the area within sight of each of us – i wont want her to be ‘dog-napped’ either!!!) and even exercise in the park with her. I enjoy that part of the exercise routine where I lay my mat on the floor. The minute I horizontally lie down on the mat looking up at the blue sky, she’ll jump right on top of me and just lay her head on my chest.. She’s been waiting to do that, it seems….guess it’s well worth waiting, huh?…haha

    So, it’s really nice to do anything and go everywhere with our dog…life is SIMPLY beautiful just being able to do that….

    Btw, riding out on the motorbike with her is also another wonderful experience. It has added to the motivation (do not own a car) to want to take her out every time too. So, yeah…she indeed has become a major part of my life.

    • Thanks for sharing. It IS wonderful to have your dog accompany you everywhere! My dogs are “big” by Singapore standards and there are two of them so I’m able to have them with me less than back home in Canada.

      Studies also show the health benefits for adults, especially kids. Interacting with an animal is amazing and I hope people, especially kids, will get that chance!

      If you would like to guest post about your dog, please let me know! I’d like to grow this blog to have a positive impact in Singapore…and elsewhere.

      Thanks again.

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