Sunscreen…for our Dogs?

Dog on beachLiving in the tropics the sun can be a real concern. For me, it’s just the heat and the embarrassment showing up everywhere, drenched. I love having the hot sun on my skin, though only during the non-peak hours.

So what about our doggie friends?

I had a Maltese once. For those who don’t know this breed, the dog is all white. I had read somewhere that this breed is prone to sunburn. They don’t have fur but hair, and no undercoat. So their skin can be easily exposed to the elements. And apparently their skin is sun-sensitive.

And so yes, I used to put sunscreen on him. And living in a temperate climate then, the heat itself didn’t keep us out of the sun. Having the sun beaming down was a welcome treat and we often stayed out for a long time. Unlike in Singapore, where every minute I am reminded that I indeed do live very near the equator, with an unforgiving sun. Though my dogs seem to love being out, baking in it, rolling in the hot dry grass.

Where to apply the sunscreen? Anywhere the fur (or hair) is not thick – like the tips of the ears, nose, belly, etc.

For myself and my dogs, I prefer natural sunscreen. I love using coconut oil! It also smells good and is a natural bug deterrent. Lavender essential oil is also great as a sunscreen. Sometimes I apply it neat to my own ears or else you can mix it with a carrier oil like avocado, olive or sesame. Just make sure it’s therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil!

(A suggested mix is 4 oz of oil to 10-30 drops of essential oil)


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