Grapes (& Raisins) are for People, Silly!

Grapes & Raisins


Dogs are pretty hardy, at least the ones I know. They seem to eat (almost) anything. My dogs pick up nuts and seeds from the ground, and other more dubious stuff that I wouldn’t consider food or edible.

But believe it or not, they can’t eat everything under the sun, and not even things we humans eat. We may feed our dogs scraps and leftovers from the table but we need to be careful. A dog will eat anything.

I think most people by now know dogs CANNOT have chocolate. Sure your own dog may have eaten some without issue but it’s not a chance I’d like to take. Of course toxicity depends on the food, the amount consumed, the weight of the dog, the general balance of the dog, etc.

So what about grapes and raisins?

Apparently what’s considered toxic is 0.7 ounces of grapes for every kg of the dog’s weight or 0.11 ounces of raisins. For a 50 pound dog, that’s a pound of grapes! I think my dogs could wolf that down pretty quick.

But that’s only a guideline. Some dogs can eat way more and still be okay and for other dogs, a smaller amount could be trouble. Like chocolate.

And it doesn’t seem like we know what part of the grape is actually toxic, though it may be the flesh itself, and not the seed.

Is it all grapes? I don’t know.

What about grape juice? Maybe.

Is it GMO grapes? Who knows!

But why risk your dog having acute renal failure? That’s kidneys no longer working. And if they do eat any, see a vet right away. It needs to come out of the system, just in case. Induced vomiting. Activated charcoal.

Do remember I am NOT a vet… so get thee to a vet if in any doubt.


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