I Love My Dogs (in case you didn’t know)

It’s late. The house is quiet, except for the fan whirling above and the soft snores of a dog underfoot.

I love hearing and watching my dogs sleep. In fact, I’ve been sitting here, doing extra work not wanting to wake them from their slumber. Sometimes they “run”, their paws jerking, their ears twitching, and tails flicking. I watch them sleep a lot, since they sleep in bed with me, falling asleep much faster than me. Oftentimes, I’m locked into my spot, between two large outstretched dogs, sound asleep, oblivious to the awkward position I somehow ended in.

But that’s what a queen size bed is for. Dogs and books. Somewhere, I find space.

My dogs are my constant companion and if it weren’t for them, I would spend my entire day, butt glued to my chair, eyes to the computer, and fingers tapping away on the keyboard. Instead, I get up regularly to refill their water bowls and go for their potty breaks. Of course there are meal times and play time. They always remind me it’s time to eat and I remember to snack on healthy treats like apples that I share with them.

Sometimes I’ll look up from my work, to catch my Goldie girl amusing herself with her green bone. Flipping it around and happy to “catch” it again, gnawing at the environmentally-friendly toy. And my Blackspot? I love laying next to her, smelling her paws. She’s not a cuddly dog but she’s much more affectionate when she’s relaxed in bed, perhaps her guard down being somewhere between waking and sleeping.

And to think these wonderful creatures came to me because they were previously and repeatedly abandoned. They are the sweet, cute, smart, and beautiful. And misunderstood.

To say I love my dogs is a tremendous understatement. Some people (mostly those who don’t like dogs/animals) would say I’m even obsessive. But to love, there are no boundaries, no limitations, no reason – and love for a human is the same for an animal is the same for the sea and mountain is the same for a tree or flower or a blade of grass… and alas even for a cockroach, though I’m not quite there yet.

And I’m lucky to have these steadfast companions and teachers in my life. Blessed for I am with their love.


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