Why Take Time to Change Food for Your Pooch? And How?

Dog on Walk - Singapore DogsIt’s funny how people just love (or are repulsed I guess) watching my dogs take a poop. They seem so fascinated whenever the dogs assume the familiar silhouette of the arch.

People also seem intrigued when I use the poop bag like a glove to pick up after my dog. Yes I do…. unless I can’t.

Because there are days when doggies also have tummy problems. They may feel under the weather or picked up some random “food” bits on the walk.

And one of the most common reasons for tummy problems? Abruptly changing their diet.

Despite all the amazing things dogs can “eat”, changing their primary diet suddenly can have effects like heartburn, stomach cramps, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and even vomiting. Some dogs will plain refuse to eat the new stuff.

General rule of thumb is to do the change over the course of a week, whenever you change brands, and even the type of protein.  Some dogs are more sensitive, of course. Decrease the proportion of the “old” food, while increasing that of the “new” food. Start with 3/4 of the “old” and 1/4 of the “new” for a couple of days and then 50:50 for another couple of days and then finally shifting over to only 1/4 of the “old”, phasing it completely over the week. If your dog has any loose stool or constipation or is vomit, then you need to slow down this process even more! (Of course see a vet if the condition persists, as the underlying cause may be something else)

Changing the food properly (i.e. slowly) will help your doggie adjust to the new food, without feeling down. It will save you from having to devise some ingenious plan to pick up less than solid, solid waste! (And if you know a way, let me know!). And just to be safe? Carry a water bottle so you can wash away the liquid brown.


2 thoughts on “Why Take Time to Change Food for Your Pooch? And How?

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