Mozzie Repellent

I love my dogs and I love taking them for walks.  I love nature and nature loves me. Especially the mozzies.

Yep, I’m one of those lucky people who get bitten easily.  And I scar easily.  Not the prettiest combination, and certainly not the most comfortable.  Mozzies are busiest around sunrise and sunset, when I’m usually out, so anti-mozzie protection is ultra important.

Because the skin is also our detox organ, I believe in using only natural products.  I don’t want toxic chemical seeping into my skin, while I’m out on a healthy activity. That’d be ironic. So I stay away from DEET, a neurotoxin. Besides this chemical is so overused that certain mosquito species are now resistant to its effects.

My all-time favourite is essential oils.  I use Purification from Young Living.  You can either dilute it in a spray bottle or apply directly onto the skin (of course, testing for sensitivity). The best thing about this is that it’s such a small bottle that you can take it on the plane with you and pack a spray bottle with you.  Once you’re at your destination, just whip out your spray bottle, add water and a few drops of purification and you’re ready for your outdoor activities.

I also use natural insect repellent made for kids. But you still have to read the labels because sadly a product isn’t necessarily safer just because it’s for kids.

I’ve tried the All Terrain Herbal Armor for Kids. This is Deet-free and I think it worked quite well. Those little patches don’t seem to work for me but I have mom friends who swear by them for their little ones. And some people love Avon’s Skin So Soft but that didn’t work for me.

Wearing light coloured clothes also helps. And of course if it’s possible for you, avoid high mozzie activity times.


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