Salukis – Featured


photo from dog-wallpapers-album.blogspot

Not so long ago, I wrote a post on two Salukis I met.

Today I came across the May issue of Pets Magazine. And guess what breed they featured? Yep, you guessed it – Salukis.

I’m of split mind about featuring breeds in magazines, especially lesser-known ones.  I worry that people get attracted to these “exotic” breeds and seek them out.  Dogs in movies or TV give them more exposure that make them more desirable. Like the Chihuahua in Taco Bell ads or huskies in Eight Below or Jack Russells in The Mask.  (According to some dog rescue volunteers in HK, a movie featuring Schnauzers sparked a wave of purchases, that showing up now as a high number of surrenders in 8ish year old Schnauzers)

I have to say that the information on the Salukis was very balanced and I applaud them in their recommendation for their unsuitability in Singapore.  In land-scarce Singapore, Salukis and other sighthounds are not very suited since they need to run. In a large enclosed area, for their safety and exercise.  The article also pointed out that Salukis are not good for first-time dog owners.

So I hope readers get good information to make an informed decision when looking for their next dog, if it must be a purebreed. Of course I would be really thrilled to see more adoptions.


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