A Man & his Parrot

On my walks, I sometimes see this guy walking his Parrot. Well, the parrot perches on his hand while he loops the park a few times.

I’ve never seen anyone “walking” a parrot. I don’t actually know anyone with a parrot.  I’ve heard of people walking their cats and ferrets. I got as far as getting a harness for my cats to try it out.. but that’s far as that got.

Come to think of it, I don’t know much about parrots, except they are incredibly intelligent and have long lifespans.  I think most parrots are kept in cages and exercise includes being out of the cage daily. So I guess that’s why the man down the street walks his parrot.

They must have a fantastic bond. The bird just sits on his hand. I never got close enough to see if he is tethered. Parrots form really deep and close relationships with their person so I’m not surprised that he just sits on the man’s hand, enjoying the outdoor air. I see him different times of the day so it’s likely that this routine, probably since the parrot was a juvenile, has made the bird very comfortable…and happy?

So if a parrot can be walked regularly, I hope the dogs in our neighbourhood can also enjoy some time romping around outside in the grass.  Blackspot decided to roll around in the freshly-cut grass yesterday. Wriggling around on the ground. Creamy got excited and ran at Blackspot, trying to solicit some play. The sun was hot and beating down but it was a great few minutes for the two dogs, a welcome break on their routine walk.


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