Cat Map

Cat napping

(Photo credit: popitz)

My dog is smart.

She has a mind map, of where the cat food is.

Singapore has a lot of stray cats.  Many of these cats are fed by both rescue organizations and private individuals.  At my old place, there is this lady who would leave piles of dry food along the street. Now, in my new place, it’s the same thing, but it’s wet food as well. She would leave piles of food in really accessible places, like behind a park bench or just at the corner.

As much as I believe in taking care of our animals, I think the wet food isn’t such a great idea. And having really accessible piles of food so close to the walking paths makes walking my dogs very difficult. One pulls towards the food and the other towards the fleeing cat, in opposite directions.

So my dog makes sure to wake me up for a pre 7am walk.  She know the cat-lady is there by 6:30am. So in the dawning light, eyes still half-closed, I take them out and hope the cat-lady is late.

My problem really isn’t about having a more challenging walk, but that all this extra food attracts other furry animals, like field mice and rats.  Are the cats so well-fed that they are slacking on chasing the rats? I’ve seen them scurrying around in the park. I’m not comforted by the fact that my two large dogs should be a good deterrent against any close encounter. They have good instinct and are eager to chase. I have poor instinct and am eager to flee.



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