Dog Walkers and Sitters, Anyone?

Dog WalkingYou LOVE your dog(s).

You homecook their food.  You buy raw food or maybe even scour Singapore’s best markets to make it. Your dogs eat better than you.

You give them filtered or bottled water, even though they happily lap up rainwater or *yuck* random pools of water.

You pick up their poop.  You buy special shampoos, accessories, bedding, and toys for them.

Your dogs are special…. but at some point (I hope!) you need/want to travel. Maybe a weekend jaunt to Koh Samui or a shopping trip to Seoul or a longer nature trip to New Zealand. Maybe see the fjords in Scandinavia.

*gasp* You have to leave your dog!

I love to travel but the worst part of any trip for me is figuring out what to do with my dogs. This is when I miss having family around. Though really I only trust my sister. (She loves animals and knows how to take care of them – loving and taking care of them are not necessarily the same thing.)  So I put it off, thinking that miraculously a fairy dogmother would appear and conjure some fantastic solution!

I usually just end up using a boarding place in Pasir Ris. I have two big dogs and don’t want to do home boarding, where a lot of small dogs tend to go. My dogs have quite specific tastes, schedules, and demands.

(In Hong Kong, we used Pet World. They would send us pictures every day. It was good to see them romping around, big grins on their faces.)

I also like my personal space so haven’t had any strangers housesit, only friends but that is tough for longer trips. Now that I have a bigger place (ie space for a guest), perhaps this is the way to go.

So I’m going to first try different dogwalkers and suss them out…

Do you have some favourites? Or more importantly, any blacklisted? Let me know!


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