Biodegradable Poop Bags

Bags on Board

from Bags on Board website

Poop is a fact of life.

Dogs eat and they poop.

When we had a garden, we used to bury her poop. That was easy since it was a huge yard and that’s where she did her business. I think she liked us burying it because Blackspot is a very clean dog. Now that we only have a strip of “emergency grass” she rarely pees on it, let alone poop.

One of the best inventions was the poop bag holder. I don’t even remember what I did in the days before I had one. Though having one on each leash does  easily lead to entanglements but it helps the lazy me put off putting in a new one as often.

The next best invention was the biodegradable bag. As much as I believe in picking up after your dog, I always was in a quandary about the environmental impact of 1) the dog poop (and waste, in general) and 2) the plastic bags. Poop decomposes (though it is still polluting our waterways) but plastic doesn’t.  Plastic causes a lot of grief, especially for the fish. It’s not only what happens to the plastic bags but what happens in their production. Bad for the environment, all way round.

So for a little more money, I’m happy to do my part and buy biodegradable bags.  Hopefully the biggest impact is their colours.

Ones I use – Bags on Board


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