The One Cat that Ruled Them All

I took this picture of Lilith, a black cat fou...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s funny how cats can drive dogs nuts.

Mine go crazy! Trying to sniff them out or chasing them (wondering how to get up on that wall).  Reining in two large dogs, intent on following a cat with speed and questionable dexterity, is not easy.  Blackspot usually doesn’t bother but lately, with ears perked, companion fired up, her resolve has strengthened.

My neighbourhood has a ton of cats. Maybe even a colony. Just my part of the street has about 4 regulars. They seem to stalk my dogs, waiting to torment them as they go out the front gate.  I’m not sure if these cats belong to anyone, though. To make my hood even more the place to be, cat feeders leave piles of wet and dry cat food for them. Finding cat food (which is saltier and therefore more “tasty”) has become Blackspot’s latest obsession. Fun!

To other people, what’s more funny than seeing dogs strain at the end of their leashes after a cat, is what happens when one cat stands in the way of three sets of dogs.

The park has a several paths, which converge at different points.  Usually people take different routes if the dogs don’t know each other or are known not to get along.  I was returning home on the higher path, when I spotted a cat sprint out of the bushes, to the point where the three paths converge.  I had my two cat-savvy dogs. This lady had her energetic also-very-observant two-year-old. And another lady had hers. Needless to say, sudden movement by a black cat against the greenery does not go unnoticed.

I don’t know if this cat was waiting for such an opportunity or just wasn’t so street-smart.  Like they say, there is a fine line between genius and insane, idiot and savant.  The cat was such.

The one cat that ruled them all.

The cat stood there, as all the dogs are pulling toward him. Fearless or frozen in fear? Oblivious to all else (including how ridiculous they looked or the futility of their efforts), the dogs’ only goal was to get to the cat. The dogs all doing their dance and circle routine.

The little black cat had these dogs dancing like puppets, moving excitedly as he paced a little.  Then like a big joke he dashed off, undoubtedly grinning at his ingenious plan – tormenting his mortal energy and perhaps starting a scuffle between the dogs.  Surely, punishment for all the times the cat had to find refuge in dirty drain pipes or narrowly escaping with his remaining lives.

I love cats.  They are a different creature.  I never know what they are thinking.  Dogs’ thinking revolves around food and you.  Cats, around themselves, which can encompass quite a bit more bandwidth of behaviours.

Dogs are predictable. They (try to) chase cats.


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