A Man in Black/White Strips & His Black/White Papillon


I am not a morning person. Unless I’ve had 10 hours of good sleep.

I am usually half asleep until well after my morning walk with the girls. Bed hair, but not that sexy. Glasses and no make up. This is how I roll out of bee. At least I have deodorant and my teeth are brushed.

It always amazes me how put together people are when walking their dogs, in the morning. (By mid morning, I’m usually showered etc). A lady in a dress with heels and handbag walking her little pomperanian, for example.

Today the snazzy dog-person award goes to a black and white Papillon and his owner. A tall man with a newsboy cap. His black and white stripped shirt matched nicely with his little black and white papillon. The little dog and his profuse black ears contrasted against this seemingly quiet man with his quick darts. Friendly and cute. At one point during our meet-and-greet, Mr M literally jumped in the air. Did he really hop over Creamy? Hopefully now that they are acquainted, Mr M will lose his interest in barking at us every time we walked by his house.

Or maybe Mr M was merely showing his disapproval of my morning walk attire.


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