A Lady & her Black Dog

I like my new neighborhood park.

It is clean. Very little litter. The grass is not overgrown, fraught with debris and poop.

This means that Blackspot is not always head down looking for food remnants which is always good. Easier for me.

Despite the poop-free cleanliness of the park (though I spotted some poop at the far end today) this is the home of many many dogs, from the pair of Salukis to mostly little dogs ranging from a trio of barky Schnauzers to a chihuahua and his friend who don’t venture far from the condo gate. They all seem to come out at 7:30-8 for their evening walk. In the morning I have been slack, waking up rather late, after restless nights of adjusting to a new place. By the time we venture out there is only a handful of late walkers and their dogs.

We seem to be bumping a lot last few days into this lady and her black dog. He is only a year or so and happy to play. Somewhat unsure of Goldie’s barking. Sometimes she is saying let’s play. Sometimes she is saying not now, which is usually because nature calls and she’s gotta go!

He is very patient waiting for her. Quite calm for a dog his age. And Blackspot seems to like him. She seems to be more comfortable with unaltered dogs. More natural and easier to know her place?

Aside from Blackspot this mid size fella is probably the only other mixed breed. And a black one. There is a general disliking of black dogs by the general Chinese population. Or the Singaporean population. Not sure which it is. This is what I have been told, what I heard from other people’s experiences and I have seen it walking my friend’s ULTRA friendly black lab. So bravo Chinese/Singaporean lady! And bravo on having a mixed breed.

This lady also seems keen to meet everyone and their dog. Not sure if it’s to meet people herself as well but definitely for her dog’s socialization. This undoubtedly has helped him be more relaxed around dogs, big and small.

This morning she was with a fellow walker and his (not barky but highly excited) Schnauzer. So Blackspot and Goldie have met more dogs in the last few days than the six months in our last neighbourhood.


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