A Lady & her Salukis


photo from dog-wallpapers-album.blogspot

Two slender tall-legged hounds in the distance. My pulse quickened.

Are those Salukis? The Persian Greyhound? In Singapore?

Yes I was one of those dorks who read the encyclopedia, at least on dogs for me. I knew many dog breeds from books and TV (dog shows, Animal Planet etc). I’m no expert but can tell more dog breeds than my friends. It’s not a boast. It’s just the way it is. I love dogs.

The Saluki is a very distinctive looking breed. I don’t know much about them except they are sighthounds and are built for speed. They say the Saluki is even faster than the Greyhound over long distances.

Previously used by nomads in the Middle East to hunt down quarry, this breed has retained much of that temperament – smart, reserved, and affectionate with owners.

Of the pair I saw in the distance one was particularly interested in my dogs, doing the backward dance, her furry ears flopping in contrast to the extremely long leg and slender frame. The owner seemed a little weary of new dogs and it turned out that these two are adopted (yay). The male about a year ago and the female (from the same litter) about three months ago. They are beautiful! They come from a long line of Australian champions.

These two have feathered fur that looked soft. (The Saluki also comes in smooth.) They were too shy with me but the girl kept sneaking little sniffs at Lou and Abby. She was very sweet.

Hearing their story I can only say Bravo! This lady has done a lot of work and had been so patient! The boy couldn’t be left alone for even a few minutes! He would hurl himself at everything. He is more reserved than his sister but not unstable or aggressive.

When they sat they look so majestic. So regal. The Saluki is also sometimes called the Royal Dog of Egypt. I can see their silhouettes against the dusky skies and sand dunes along with their Bedouin brethren. Breathtaking.

Here is a blog about their background and a FB page


3 thoughts on “A Lady & her Salukis

  1. Like you, I have spent a lot of time poring over dog breed encyclopedias! For years I have longed for a Saluki, but fear they are more hard work than I’m prepared for. But they are so lovely to look at. Thank you for this lovely post.

    • Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for reading the post. I know what you mean about them being so beautiful. I just have images of them dashing across the desert, so free, so beautiful. The two I met are beautiful dogs and I applaud their owner/rescuer for her patience and dedication to bring them back to mental and emotional balance. I didn’t think I’d see a Saluki in Singapore.

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