A Boy & his dog Millie

Children and animals. That’s like apple pie and ice cream. A natural combination.

I was taking my dogs out for one last walk before our move. I was looking forward to a quiet walk, to take in everything on this last walk.

Scootering from behind us was this boy and his dog. I am always annoyed when people come barging into my peaceful walk, not knowing how our dogs would react on a narrow sidewalk.

Really I was just tired from packing all weekend and frustrated at the days ahead of unpacking and adjusting to a new apartment and a new neighbourhood.

But there are never accidents and meeting this boy and his little dog Millie put a bright spot in my day and a smile on my face.

In the sweetest voice he would coax her along… Here Millie Millie. He explained she was old and was now slower. She was 10.

I can’t say I’m any good at telling ages but this kid couldn’t be much more than 10. Maybe 9. So this dog has been with him his entire life and here he was scootering around, taking her for a mid morning walk.

It is always nice to see kids outside, active and to see this kid taking his little spaniel out for a walk and really patient with her rest breaks and entanglements with poles.. Well it’s just really heartwarming.

It felt like it was a good start to my move. A good sign of things to come. Of hope and sweetness.


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