Bali Dogs

Life is so interesting and sometimes (ok a lot of times) unexpected. So it’s quite cool that after mentioning Bali in my last post I’m actually here. A last minute trip. That’s the great thing about living in a hub like Singapore.

Dog at an Ubud cafeI’m not actually staying in Ubud so am not seeing the semi owned dogs that much. There is however a resident dog called Sandy here. So cute and so sweet. The story, though no one seems to really know, is that Sandy and her brother Sam were gifts to the owner from the architect. Life here for them seems pretty great. And imagine having “must like dogs” to be part of the job requirement for the GM.

Sadly Sam passed on from a heart attack a few years ago, much to the shock of everyone. He is still missed.

Golden Retriever Sandy at a Bali resort

I’ve seen Sandy a few times. She has her own handler, goes on walks aroundthe spacious and beautiful estate and everyone says hello to her, which is so important for a Goldie like her. I’ve even hung out with her but she soon became restless. I let her lead me where she wanted to go. After relieving herself, she led me to the GM’s office, whining at the door. The GM is away and Sandy clearly misses him. After some finagling, I got the manager to let Sandy in just to be in the space. Within minutes Sandy was happily snoozing.

Dog at KAFE Ubud Bali

But obviously not all dogs have a lifestyle like Sandy. While I was eating at Kebun/Kafe (awesome food by the way-love love love their almond milk), a few dogs came in and tried to puppy-eye me for some food. I was tempted but I knew that it would be irresponsible of me to come in as a tourist and feed them. I didn’t know what kind of chain reaction or trouble I would start. The dogs looked well-fed (they were quite round) so it wasn’t as if they were in danger of starvation.

On my ricefield paddy walk we passed through some villages and there were lots of wandering dogs. One followed is down the road for a bit. All friendly. And friendly or at least dismissive to each other. There were even a couple of Shih Tzu’s hanging out at their gate but they ran back in when they realized nothing exciting was happening. There were also dogs (and a puppy) at the local healer I visited (yes very eat pray love). Dogs are simply everywhere.

I love dogs so it was great seeing so many even though I know the implications but those I saw seem to be in “good health” (good weight and no overt skin issues or open wounds). And drivers seem mindful of the dogs on the road. I was also reminded of all the rescue work here in Bali when I spotted a Bali Dogs sticker on my yoga/meditaton teacher’s water bottle. I’m happy to have Sandy for brief encounters as I miss my own puppies and I’m happy to know that some dogs have it REALLY good!


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