Guilt-Free Pet Shop Feb 18 & 19 2012

Slated as the “largest ever dog-adoption drive in Singapore”, National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop is being held THIS weekend (Feb 18 & 19 2012), in partnership with four local dog shelters.  Over 80 dogs will be available for adoption from Action for Singapore Dogs, Animal Lovers League, Gentle Paws, and Noah’s Ark. To see who these featured dogs are, check out the FB page. (If you find “the one”, be sure to come down early and spend loads of time to get to know your potential new friend. Sometimes dogs need time to warm up, especially since not all dogs are used to being at such events!)

Previously called the Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop, this East Coast Park event is free for everyone to enjoy (with or without furry friends).  Adoptions are NOT free. Each rescue organization has its own policy and adoption fees are about $200.  Why are adoptions not free? Check out this post on why adoption fees are important and necessary.

So how else is this a FREE event?

  • Free consult at the Dog Whisperer Booth (no it’s not the actual Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan – he’s supposed to come to Singapore in June). 
  • Free dog massage
  • Free ear cleaning and nail clipping
  • Free baked dog treats
  • Free talks and demos

Best of all, it’s guilt-free! By adopting a puppy or an older dog, you are giving a home to an animal but not directly contributing to the puppy mill industry. I say not directly since most of these dogs probably are descended from a puppy mill dog. By adopting, you are saying that everyone deserves a second chance and that it’s the dog who matters, not the breed. You are joining in and spreading the awareness of better dog “ownership” and that abandonment is just not on! If that’s too much pressure, just come down for some good old fun with your furry friend and family.

Nat Geo Channel Free Pet Shop


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