Dog Toys Anyone?

Having dogs is like having kids, when it comes to the toys you have, especially thrown whichever way on the floor. Even though I have tripped over, slipped on, stumped my toe into, oftentimes crashing into the nearest wall, table, and even one of the dogs, I love getting toys for my dogs. I get to be Santa all year round.

Not just any toys, but meaningful hopefully eco-friendly ones that I know my dogs just LOVE.

The Huck - tough dog toy from West Paw Design

Photo from West Paw Design - Creamy is hogging her Huck so no photos from us!

Creamy’s favourite toy remains the tennis ball she found on her very first walk home with us. From time to time, she’ll start pulling (and eating) the fuzz, happily rolling around on her back, cradling the little balding yellow-green ball between her front paws, her tail wildly wagging, making a beat against the bed, a bag or more often than not, my face (or Blackspot’s).

Tennis ball – free. Memory of Creamy – priceless.

To this mix we’ve had a fair share of ropes, frisbees, floatables, stuffed animals, freebies, chew toys….which have all perished. What we have now are tennis balls and various items from West Paw Design, like the Hurley and the Huck. Time has taught us a valuable and money-saving tip – stuffed animals and fabric toys don’t last with these two. And NO squeaky toys. Blackspot just wants to take out the squeak. It’s like she’s being timed. 5 seconds flat. And Creamy wants to eat the fabric and the fuzz. That just leaves a whole lot of debris and fuzz-y poop for me to deal with.

West Paw Design’s toys are guaranteed to be tough and super-duper durable. We know – we’ve tested these two. It’s made with some pliable material that is really built to last, but non-toxic and 100% recyclable! The Hurley also gives Creamy practice to gnaw at something, when she usually swallows, or tries to (ox-tail, food, non-food, corn cob- from the trashbin!).

Creamy leaves her orange Huck all over the house, as she likes to spread out her toys. (Because of its shape the Huck may actually be finding its place on its own). The grove in the Huck gives its bounce unpredictability that keeps a dog engaged. A bonus hide-and-seek game.

The Hurley

For those with dogs who don’t eat their toys, the fabric and stuffing of West Paw’s other toys are from recycled soda pop bottles.

Other eco-toys? The hemp Eco Tugger or the Orbee Tuff Glow-for-Good Ball from the not-for-profit Planet Dog Foundation (non-toxic and recyclable). Buying from Planet Dog also helps supports a lot of great doggie causes and projects (canine service programs). 100% of proceeds from the sale of this toy go to supporting Planet Dog Foundation programs, like grants and product donations. Check out the eco-friendly toys from Planet Dog.

For organic pet toys, check out Simply Fido – some awesome stuffed animals that I think I may be getting for myself! (note: these have squeakers so not for my dogs!)

For us, our consumer choices matter and we feel that buying recyclable, renewable and/or organic is important.

It’s not necessarily the same thing, though for us it is – loving dogs = loving animals (including people) = loving the environment = loving our planet. 


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