Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone – human and dog!

Human and Dog Combo Gift

I hope everyone had a great time, wherever they are and to all the dogs kenneled or boarded this holiday, happy vacation!

This year we’re spending a mellow Christmas at home. Much to Blackspot and Creamy’s relief, no reindeer and other Christmas-y photo shoots. As much as I oppose clothing and costumes for our canine friends, I couldn’t resist last year – putting little flashing antler headbands on them, setting up a homemade studio and clicking some pics for Christmas cards. They were TOO cute, if that’s even possible!

On this boxing day morning, Creamy is lying on the daybed with her eco-friendly non-toxic green West Paw Design chew bone (Hurley) while I tap tap tap away on the keyboard and Blackspot is stretched out on bed with his dad who’s click click clicking away on his PS2 or is it PS3… it’s like the iphone – who knows what rendition they are on!

So what did you get your doggies for Christmas?

We went with the sure-fire gift of food. Always a spot-on choice with these two. Grass fed beef! Sliced in small small chunks to ensure maximum tasting and minimum inhaling. No toys this year as I kept tripping over balls (tennis balls, rubber balls, green balls, orange balls, knobbly balls, the Huck) this past year, slamming into counters or walls to catch my balance. Creamy has a habit of leaving a few toys in each room of the apartment to ensure her proximity to joy at all times. She rotates them as she switches her toys as she moves from room to room. Blackspot is not fussed at all about toys. Her love? Food. A realist.  A realist who relishes life’s comfort, like a soft eco-friendly non-toxic queen size bed that she’s snuggled on right now.



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