Raining Cats and Dogs

blue bubbles

Rain, rain, rain…and more rain! It’s getting ridiculous here in Singapore! It’s all day, continuous downpour. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain and we are blessed with the water. My issue? Timing my appointments and the dogs’ outings in between the rain, and throw in a dog’s extreme reluctance to get her paws even a little bit wet (outside).

YES! Dogs still need to be walked when the weather makes you want to stay indoors, and DRY! Some dogs absolutely hate the rain and some dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The combo of these two types = separate walks.

I’m at least lucky that neither is freaked by thunder or lightening!

Blackspot would rather hold, and hold, and hold as soon as she sees any sign of inclement weather. Though she loves to swim and is a great swimmer. At a beach? She’ll just go in herself, swim a few laps. And she is obsessed with water. She’ll brave wet paws and step into the shower, just the streams of water running down your legs. She even licked Creamy’s wet head this morning, after our very short but very wet walk.

Creamy? If she could, she would run full-speed and dive into puddles and roll gleefully around in the water (no matter the depth, the colour or freshness). Unfortunately for me, she’s the one with the long fur and cleaning up takes a little longer, and depending on the time of day (nearing midnight for example), also taxes my patience, or at least my energy level.

And me? I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a new raincoat. My Mountain Co-op jacket is water-resistant, never meant for walking dogs in tropical rainstorms. When I got the jacket, we didn’t have dogs and it was for light-weight duty. I’m not complaining here – a little Christmas present to myself!  In the most recent issue of Self, there was an article with a few good-sounding recommendations.

And you? Do you brave the rain or lucky to miss it?


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