Dog People and What We Talk About

It’s been a while since my last post – I’ve been traveling. I love to travel but I hate to leave my dogs home. This time, they were home with my partner so that’s alright. It’s always good for them to bond even more, especially for Creamy who is extremely attached to me. The entire two weeks I was gone, Creamy slept on my pillow, often running at full speed and diving into the pile of blankets, rolling onto my side of the bed. Since I’ve been back, she’s resumed her role as my velcro dog but to a lesser extent.

It’s always good for a dog to have multiple relationships, minimizing the chances of possessiveness and maximizing interactions for fun! While I was away, I met a few dog people. It’s funny how dog people bond instantly. We spoke in length about how to train and prepare a dog for the arrival of a baby. This particular dog was a rescue who is still coming out of her shell and the owner (my new friend’s sister) has done a lot of good work with her dog and it’d be a shame not to continue working with her to ensure that the dog stays in her home, without issue.

One of the suggestions was to have other people build their relationships with the dog. This way, the dog would feel less like she’s lacking attention when the new mother is preoccupied with the new baby, especially when doing what only mothers can do.

What else do dog people talk about? We tell each other funny stories about our crazy dogs. How my friend’s dog sneezed out the kennel cough vaccination all over the examination table and quickly lapped it all up. How Blackspot stealthily took an apple off the top of her bowl, thinking (hoping) it went unnoticed. We could go on and on… talking about what we feed our dogs, what their favourite treats are, what fantastic tricks they can do… Yep, we are proud parents and we carry pictures of our dogs wherever we go.


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