Natural Products for Dogs

Living in a tropical environment all year round means that ticks can be a problem all year round. Ticks can cause tick fever, paralysis, and even death, depending on the type of tick, the length of contact, etc.

For the longest time, we used Frontline to combat both ticks and fleas. When the weather got a little colder (in Hong Kong or in Canada), I would apply more sparingly. There was always an internal discussion of the protection from illness by these chemical-ridden products versus the effects of these chemical-ridden products. Now I use a combo of commercially-available and other natural solutions.


When we moved to Singapore, I began my search for a natural product against fleas and ticks. This I found in something called BioSpotiX. I believe it’s a French product but from its FB page and the box, it is 100% natural. “Based on Geraniol essential oils, BIOSPOTIX® active ingredient acts by blocking the respiratory system of the insect and weakening the shell and the glue that sticks the insect to the coat. Parasites are then repelled and eliminated naturally.” According to Wiki, Geraniol is the  “primary part of rose oilpalmarosa oil, and citronella oil (Java type). It also occurs in small quantities in geraniumlemon, and many other essential oils.” It seems to be an effective plant-based mosquito repellent and the safety warning is for people with perfume allergy.


BioSpotix - Natural Solution for Dog Ticks and Fleas

So instead of monthly Frontline Blackspot and Creamy now get BioSpotix. When I know we will be going into high grass or “suspicious” areas, I will also spray them with essential oils like Young Living’s Purification, which I also use against mosquitoes for myself. Another essential oil that is supposed to be a good repellent is Neem oil but this is a little more difficult to find in a non adulterated form, at least here in Singapore.

Whatever products you choose to use or not to use, it’s helpful to remember that nothing is 100% proof and it’s always a good idea to check your dog for ticks. In fact it’s not only bonding to pet your dog but touching them regularly allows you to know when something is off or if there is a wound or scrape that may need attention.


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