Mutts and Mittens

So Blackspot and Creamy are home, after their week-long stay at Mutts and Mittens. Both are happily lying in bed while I write this post, which is about Mutts and Mittens.

Mutts and Mittens Logo

Mutts and Mittens, like so many dog kennels, is located in Pasir Ris. It’s the one with the big yellow sign saying no puppies for sale. Unlike so many other dog kennels, Mutts and Mittens does not stand for the sale of dogs. They in fact have taken in many rescues, the latest two were in the office when we arrived. A pair of 14 year old large dogs, one of whom had a stroke. Both are ultra sweet and one even looks somewhat like my partner’s last dog. That was Ming.

There is one concrete “house” where the short-term boarders are kept. This is also where their own dogs stay during the day, some 10 (or more) of them of varying sizes. I have to say the facilities are somewhat run down, depressing with only concrete. We bought some foldable mattresses for the girls to sleep on during their stay. If you have a dog with pressure sores, this is a must and probably some yoga mats to line the kennel would be helpful.

It’s been years since I have toured the place but as I remember there were a few blocks of outdoor (ie no air conditioning) where both short- and long-term boarders are kept. The malamute from more than 2 years ago is still there. There are a lot of cases where the owners can no longer keep the dogs and instead they keep them at places like Mutts and Mittens.

We first chose to use Mutts and Mittens years ago because they seemed like nice people and of their rescue work. We would rather have our boarding fees contribute to this cause and not support puppy mills like Ericsson Pet Farm, which has a responsible pet ownership blurb on their website. I think it’s important as consumers we use our purchasing power as our voice. No matter what people say, these farms still sell puppies for a profit, when there are so many puppies and dogs (plus cats and small animals) are looking for a home. If people truly loved animals, I doubt they would have a puppy mill/farm, where dogs are not bred for temperament and health, which only leads to likely suffering of the subsequent generations from cogential diseases. Not to mention, the suffering of the breeding dogs who are so casually tossed out when no longer productive.

Mutts and Mittens seemed to have done a good job with Blackspot and Creamy. Blackspot didn’t get more spotty this time. Is it having Creamy’s company or their care? This I can’t be sure. There was no feedback at all on how they did. I guess we were a little spoiled in Hong Kong with Pet World.

We used Pet World a few times and the girls seemed to have loved it. The facilities are new and they provide kuranda beds and yoga mats for the big dogs and other dog amenities for the smaller ones. Access to the boarding area is strictly by keycard, which made me feel more secure about the safety of my dogs. Staff also stay overnight (as with Mutts and Mittens).

There are several fields and two swimming pools, for different sized dogs. Volunteers from Hong Kong Dog Rescue come regularly with dogs for fun and play, giving dogs from the homing centre a fantastic outing.

I think the best part is that they email daily photos of your dogs which gave us peace of mind. It was so great to see our dogs romping around, the funny and smiling faces.

The people at Pet World also have a posse of their own dogs, many of them rescues as well, ranging from a Jack Russell to mixed breeds to one left homeless as a result of a divorce, plus even one (Beefy) from Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

We don’t like boarding our dogs but we love to travel. We try to suss out reliable ones, and with people who at least love and/or understand dogs. 


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