While We Travel…

I love vacations but the part I like the least is leaving my doggies and having them boarded. We are still in the process of sussing out dogsitters and dogwalkers. Yes, it’s taken a long time. And I’ve been slack. We were lucky that the last big trip we had our friend flew in from NZ to stay with the dogs. This time, last minute, I almost got a dog sitter, a vet nurse no less, but because it was so last minute I couldn’t arrange for the midday walks and dinners that she couldn’t manage. (Vet nurses work 12 hour shifts!)

This time, Blackspot and Creamy, are boarded. They still remember Blackspot from the first time we lived in Singapore. Even though she’s lost a lot of weight (some of which we are currently working on putting back on), people still recognize her. It’s the spot.

So when I’m back from our vacation hanging out with lemurs I will continue my search for dogsitters and dogwalkers. I already do have a good dogwalker but they are always booked up! I do have three leads for dogsitters so we will see…


Ideally the dogsitter LOVES dogs, has LOTS of common sense, and uses only positive reinforcement. And probably has patience because Blackspot and Creamy have a few quirks and sometimes Blackspot has incontinence (from stress I think)….stay tuned!


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