Hallow’s Eve

It’s that time of the year again – Halloween. It’s mostly a fun and commercial day for most people in Singapore and for the pets? The trick-or-treating presents more opportunities for our little scavenging friends to locate (literally) nuggets of treasure. I also heard the whistle of the first firework or sparkle of the season. As much as Halloween is fun with a license to eat all sorts of bonbons and play with firecrackers (is this legal in Singapore?), it’s a time to pay extra attention to your pets.

Deux balles-à-leunettes - two jack-o-lanterns

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When I was young, I remember when the mists would roll in on Hallow’s Eve, a quiet but not so quiet time of the year. The mists would suspend low, hanging out in the trees, thick but visibly moving. Of course not all Halloween was like this. But there was this change of energy in the air. Kids would be excited (or worried about going past this one house in the neighbourhood that we all have) about having all the candy we can get that night. And the fireworks and firecrackers. The anticipation and the excitement.

For your animal friends, it’s different. They can definitely pick up on the hyped up energy. But they are probably not so keen on the extra candles in the jack o lanterns, the loud cracks of firecrackers, screaming and sugar-infused kids…What they are keen on though are the abundance of food. Food that isn’t good for them.

So it’s a good idea to keep the candies above their reach and leave anything potentially toxic like raisins and chocolates out of the selection at the door.  The plastic wrapper does nothing to deter dogs really. Blackspot would gladly swallow the whole candy, with the non edible bits and all.

Luckily Blackspot and Creamy are not afraid of loud noises so that’s not an issue. But if your dogs are, try using Bach’s Rescue Remedy to help keep your dogs calm and relaxed!

Happy trick or treat!




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