New Friend

Labrador Park seaside promendade.

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Our new friend asked where is a good place to take her dog…hmmm I had to think about that one. We have a few dog parks but without a car, it’s a pain to get to with a large dog and hers is large, no matter how gentle. There are a few fields and pitches around but it’s not always empty and you really have to go early.


Tonight we met a new friend, newly arrived from Texas. A beautiful young labradoodle. So gentel and so easy going. He just let Creamy bark and bark as she does, until she just stood next to him, quiet. It teaks time but she does eventually stop.

Teaching a dog not to bark is one of the hardest things to do. It’s not that she’s bored, well she could be a little. She just likes to make noise. Looking at her now, curled up on my favourite chair, arms sprawled over the cushions, deep in sleep, it’s hard to imagine that this is the perhaps the barkiest dog I’ve ever had.

But back to where to take a dog…

There are dog parks, not like back in Canada or the US. The West Coast Park is popular. The beaches at Sentosa, though I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the water. The container ships are just across the way and it’s really not clean. I hear the beaches at Changi are really nice. There’s also Labrador Park.

Really there aren’t a lot of off-leash parks where a dog could just run, and run, and run. Unofficially if you go early enough, you can probably get away at some parks or government lands, which are technically off-limits, and also fields. I’m weary of these places mostly because of ticks and snakes. You just don’t know. We do have pythons and cobras in Singapore.

I have dog-loving friends with yards and whenever possible, I try to bring my pooches along for the get-together. I must say that finding a taxi that will take two large dogs isn’t the easiest thing.

Other than that, there are places like K9 where you can take your dog for swimming. K9 is outdoor and the play area is concrete, not ideal for many dogs, including those who have yet acclimatized to the weather in Singapore. Outdoor temperatures are also too high for snub-nosed dogs in general.

My dogs are already middle-aged and not as active so finding fields for outright crazy running isn’t a priority. The field next to the Sail in Marina Bay was enough for Creamy to run around and romp with her Goldie friend. It is a problem for young large dogs, this lack of play areas. Dog parks are fantastic not only for dogs to run off that steam but to socialize. If more dogs were properly socialized (and people to get to understand normal dog behaviour), the better it would be in Singapore.


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