Remembering Mulder

Mulder was a beautiful English Sheepdog I once knew. Living in Singapore, his fur was shorn close to his skin, to give him reprieve from the heat and humidity. When I met him more than two years ago, he was already an elderly dog with arthritis, which prevented him from going on long walks but not from being the happy, friendly dog he was. 

I found out the other day that lovely Mulder had passed on this past April. I had not moved back to the neighbourhood but was saddened that I had “just” missed him. He was one of the first dogs I worked on, using a hands on modality to help with his arthritis. Each session he would greet me joyfully and then lie down quietly and slept while I worked on his legs. He would place his head on my thigh, and spread out on the wooden floor.

I have always loved English Sheepdogs, though I had known none until Mulder. The breed is gorgeous but it’s their reputation as joyous and clownish dogs that made me interested. I love all dog breeds. They are all dogs, all amazing to watch in their canine and not-quite-canine ways.

Mulder was slightly shaggy and walked in a stilted way as dogs with hip pains often do. He would be so happy when we met early mornings. He lived across the street and I would often see him out for a little walk, for he never did go far. The helper who walked him was friendly and would tell me more about my friend.  Somehow through her I connected with Mulder’s owner, a gorgeous lady with a sharp memory. It was she who recognized me, and perhaps Blackspot.

Since moving back, I have tried to get up early to try to get a glimpse of my old friend. I knew they still lived in the same apartment as I could tell it was the same furniture that adorned that large picture window facing the street. I didn’t doubt I would see him and now I know I won’t again. I am extremely saddened. Mulder was a sweet gentle dog. I wished I had kept in touch, and perhaps what I knew may have helped him with the pain, in the last days. I know he was loved and I know he will be missed. I remember you, Mulder.


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