Cover of "Up (Single Disc Widescreen)"

Cover of Up (Single Disc Widescreen)

Everyday walking with Creamy and Blackspot is an adventure. Today the four of us walked to the nearby plant nursery to buy an orchid for the apartment. On the way, Creamy spotted a few squirrels. She pulled as close as possible to the fence and stopped. Alert. Completely focused. Her obsession with squirrels reminded me of Dug.

The movie Up from Pixar came out in 2009, before we adopted Creamy. It was a really sweet movie about friendship, re-connection to your passion and who you are, among other things. The scene where we meet Dug, a golden mutt is hilarious. With a collar that translates his thoughts into human speech, Dug is able to vocalize what we think dogs must think, seeing what their actions are. 

Creamy, like Dug, loves everyone, even if she’s just met you. Creamy’s tail is constantly wagging and it always looks like she’s smiling and happy. And like Dug, she is easily distracted, especially if it’s a squirrel. Being a retriever, Creamy is also always carrying something in her mouth, more often than not, it’s a tennis ball. The first time we gave her tennis balls, she tried to fit all of them in her mouth. The best she could manage is a ball and a rope.

Creamy is like Dug, in the way that she is always happy and easy going and innocent. For those we don’t have dogs, at least they can experience their joie de vivre by watching a movie like Up.

Meet Dug – watch on YouTube


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