Halloween – Beware of What Your dog is Treating Himself To!

Halloween Vintage 05

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It’s already end of September, and Halloween decorations and merchandise are out in full force. It’s a fun time for dressing up, using the excuse of this-now-very-commercial-holiday to channel your inner witch or vampire. It’s also the time for candies.

Even though dogs would have you believe otherwise, there are lots of foods not good for them, and which can even be fatal. Halloween is a time of the year where we have to be more careful with kid- and dog-proofing our food!

Most dogs are just gluttons. I know mine are and would eat, eat, eat some more if left to their own devices. And they are too discriminating when it comes to food either. Those with pica will even consume non-food items – some would surprise you! Dogs are pretty resilient but they’re persistent, with an amazing nose to boot. So we must be their watchers.

I think the number one item that most people are now familiar with is CHOCOLATE!

Do you know what else is on this list of dangerous foods for dogs?

Alcohol is a drug and as for humans, it affects the brain and liver, just more damaging for our canine friends.

avocadoAvocado contains persin which is toxic in large amounts. This substance is not just in the fruit so be careful if you grow avocados.

Bones – cooked! Bones can splinter and cause tear or blockage.

Caffeine. Coffees. Teas. Soft drinks. A large amount can be fatal! It affects the heart and nervous systems.

Chocolate, more specifically theobromine which is in ALL chocolate. It can cause seizure and even death.

Grapes and raisins – even a small amount can be dangerous, causing kidney failure.

Macadamia nuts also contain unknown toxins, like grapes and raisins.

Milk and dairy products. Yep we are the only animal that drinks other animals’ milk! The only milk dogs should be having is their mother’s when they are still suckling. Otherwise it can cause diarrhea! One lick of your ice cream cone is probably okay. Blackspot and Creamy do like it.

Onions and garlic apparently can destroy dog’s red blood cells. I was surprised to find garlic on the list but anecdotally I have found it to be a good flea-deterrent, when a small amount is sprinkled onto their food.

Xylitol is used to sweeten anything from candy itself to baked goods. This can cause liver failure in dogs and it can happen in just a few days. Xylitol increases insulin in the body, causing the blood sugar to drop, leading to liver failure. For a more complete list, check out peteducation.com’s article or the modern dog magazine.


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