Stormy Weather

Lena Horne is AWESOME! I LOVE this song, Stormy Weather. The song just popped into my head when I started this post about last night’s storm.

It was a fierce storm, strong winds and heavy rain – so loud that I jumped out of bed and rushed out to bring my laundry in – so unusual that a few friends talked about it today…what’s that got to do with dogs?

Dog in red raincoat from Ruffwear

The Sun Shower (from Ruffwear) in action



As I was dragging the laundry in, near-legally blind without my glasses, with the rain pouring down, my thought was about the morning walk in the rain with the girls. I do love walking in the rain – fewer people are out and it’s quiet. The not-so-fun part, though, is having two dogs with diametrically opposed feelings about the rain, and more specifically getting wet.

If given the chance, Creamy would run around in the rain, like the people dancing in the rain in the Lena Horne video. (only happier, with a silly grin on her face!) She could stay like that the whole day, I bet. But Blackspot? Blackspot would peek out and seeing any sign of wetness, snuggle back into bed.

It must be quite a sight, 3 of us walking in the rain in our respective raingear. I’m normally against dressing your dogs but when one hates being wet and the other with a thick coat difficult to dry, raincoats are great! With the frequency of Singapore rainstorms, I would otherwise run out of room to dry all the towels I would need to get the dogs dry!

The raincoats do come in handy! We were all splashed by passing cars and buses on our last walk. Blackspot was so dismayed, her look worth a million bucks. Pushed on by her need to poop, we continued on the walk. Otherwise she would have turned on her heels, and headed home!

So I was somewhat glad that we all slept in, and the ground and the skies were nice and dry for our walk. The raincoats are sitting on the rack for another rainy day. 


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